Update on telephone survey – check the questions

Many West End residents have been called by Strategic Communications (Stratcom) research to solicit opinions of the proposed development at 1401 Comox Street (St. John’s Church). There are many problems with this survey.

The research company’s caller says they want you to give 10 – 15 minutes of your time (it is actually more like 25 – 30 minutes), but will not disclose the sponsor or client for the research. They ask personal questions including age, sexual orientation, whether you own or rent, occupation, voting preferences, how long you’ve been in the neighbourhood, roughly where you live and they obviously know your telephone number.  They ask several questions about the 1401 Comox proposal and what you would support. Many of these questions appear biased or force you to accept options that are vague or could lead to misleading conclusions. The caller also provides false information, similar to what WEN has described in For the Record.

What is the purpose of this research? Who are they interviewing and how did they select the people to interview? How will they use the results? Where is the transparency in this research?

The City of Vancouver claims it is not their survey. So who is paying for it? Vision Vancouver? Westbank Development Corp. along with Henriquez Architect using their PR firm Pottinger and Associates? Each of these organizations has a strong vested interest in the outcome of this survey.

So to get an idea of what is on the survey so you can prepare for it, you can see the actual questions at Stratcom Survey.

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