Tiko Kerr honours Maxine’s West End heritage site in Food Bank fundraiser

House of Beauty (Maxines) - Tiko Kerr

Artist Tiko Kerr’s paintings capture the vibrancy of our neighbourhoods. This year he pays a tribute to the endangered heritage site in the West End. “Maxines” is located at Bidwell and Davie and it is threatened by demolition and to be replaced by a massive tower.

In his words, “Vancouver’s Food Bank and the image of Maxine’s House of Beauty speaks of community and the many forms that nourishment takes”.

You can find out more at the CBC Food Bank site. Please donate generously.

Listen to Tiko’s interview podcast on North by Northwest on CBC – it starts at 51:00.

You can hear Tiko interviewed by Rick Cluff about the Food Bank on the Early Edition of CBC Radio One,  5:30 am to 8:37 am Wednesday December 3rd.

And if you would like to see more about Tiko’s collection of paintings in theWest End, see Tiko Kerr Artist & the West End, Tiko Kerr & Maxine’s and Tiko Kerr and St. John’s Church.

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