Metro Vancouver fast tracks “Regional Growth Strategy” vote to January 14 as citizens demand more time, proper consultation

Citizens are calling on Metro Vancouver and all mayors and councillors of 23 municipalities to postpone a January 14 vote on the Regional Growth Strategy entitled Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping Our Future. Staff plan to fast-track a Metro Vancouver board vote on this critical policy. The Regional Growth Strategy will guide growth and development in the region for the next thirty years, yet the latest draft of the policy was released January 7 with only four business days for elected officials, experts and the public to review it. And there is no opportunity for the public to comment on this final report.

Citizens are asking elected officials in all 23 municipalities to extend or modify the public consultation process and to give citizens in Vancouver and other municipalities missed in the public hearing process an opportunity to provide input into this important policy document.

The vast majority of the region’s 2.1 million citizens have not been properly informed about the content and implications of the strategy that cold seriously damage the livability and sustainability of our neighbourhoods in favour of urban sprawl – among many other problems.

It also gives excessive influence to unelected officials at TransLink around certain zoning decisions. This undermines local community planning processes as well as citizen oversight and participation. Local councils are about to give up much local control, and to weaken democratic checks and balances.

For more information and to see what the view of the North Shore mountains might look like from the West End and Stanley Park before and after the Regional Growth Strategy is in place, go to CityHallWatch.

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