New BC highrises at risk in major quake

While the Vancouver Council and city planners rush to approve numerous proposals to develop massive towers in the downtown and West End, serious concerns are raised about the safety of these buildings during an earthquake. UBC professor and structural engineer, Perry Adebar has studied the recent destruction and collapse of tall buildings in the earthquake in Chile. In an CBC interview New B.C. highrises at risk in event of major quake, he says the construction building codes in Chile and Canada are nearly identical. Professor Adbar “believes many buildings with identical flaws exist in British Columbia, putting dozens of structures at risk during a megaquake.” The findings have prompted him to call for urgent changes to the way buildings are constructed in B.C.

Many residents agree that their safety from possible building collapses and shattering glass along with their quality of life are taking second place to development interests in the drive to hastily construct more towers above 15 stories and as high as 60 – 70 stories.

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