West End Neighbours (WEN) supports new creative solution to save 1401 Comox church

City buys back, makes it an extension of community centre

Today Bill McCreery, an NPA Council candidate, wrote Vancouver Mayor and Council asking the city to work with Westbank to save St. John’s Church at 1401 Comox Street and to restore it as a valuable community centre for the West End residents.

West End Neighbours (WEN) President Randy Helten said, “We welcome this innovative solution. It is sensible and creative. We hope the City, Westbank and Peterson will give Mr McCreery’s proposal some serious consideration.

The proposal includes creative financing from available City funds, renovating the church and making it an extension of the local West End Community Centre within six months, and then a long term plan for renewal of the site to provide community services for all West End residents. You can find more information here.



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