No need to demolish St. John’s Church (1401 Comox): McCreery on

This article appeared on CityCaucus today. Link is here. Excerpt: Many residents in Vancouver’s West End have worked hard to protect a heritage site. The St. John’s Church Demolition Permit has been issued by the City to West-Bank, Perterson. Gregor Robertson said at Thursday’s speech to the Downtown Vancouver BIA that his “door is always open for new ideas” to make Vancouver a more livable city. Yet he and his Vision Council have not responded to my proposal submitted two and a half months ago that they explore options for re-use to halt the destruction of St. John’s United Church on Comox Street. West End community organizations have indicated this proposal has merit and should be seriously evaluated. If the Mayor is serious about being “open to new ideas”, should he not be looking into the feasibility of this proposal, or perhaps some variation, which might come from examining this “new idea”? Full article.

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