Join WEN “Jane’s Walk” – May 7 & 8 – “West End Village – Life in a Postcard”

West End Neighbours is pleased to announce that for the second year, we will be holding a “Jane’s Walk” walking tour of the West End, timed with similar urban walks around the world for people to get to know their own neighbourhoods and cities. The walks are named after famed urbanist Jane Jacobs, More info here: ( Read on for more details of our walk. 

West End Village – Life in a Postcard
Guided by Liz Carney and West End Neighbours

May 7 (Saturday) and May 8 (Sunday) 2011
Start Time:  1 pm
Estimated Duration: 2 hours

The West End could be a poster child from the pages of Jane Jacobs. The history and development of this cherished area diversity in a true urban village.  10 square blocks of humanity hums with life and vitality while residents of all ages, backgrounds and cultures live, work, study, relax and welcome the world to Vancouver. As the gatekeepers of Stanley Park and English Bay West Enders are on the front line of what visitors envy and an example of a densely populated urban community that has captured hearts for over 100 years.  We will discover the roots of the neighbourhood from the early days of wealthy landowners and seaside cottages to the rental building explosion of the 60s and 70s, the advent of condominiums and the challenges of the future.  Experience the broad tree lined streets and mix of building style.  Learn how community action has supported livability and resulted in mobilizing proud residents on various issues over the years such as traffic calming, prostitution, community gardens, heritage preservation, rental and zoning issues and the current quest for civic respect for existing guidelines and a community plan.  The quintessential post card sent around the world of English Bay at Stanley Park encompasses almost 50,000 today and has meaning to millions of others. In our short time together we will share some of these stories and end adjacent to an art exhibit where renowned artist. Tiko Kerr, a local resident, has brilliantly captured some of these moments for posterity. Both the walk and art exhibit are supported by West End Neighbours a group of residents in support of current zoning guidelines and adoption of a community plan.

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