WEN calls all to bear witness: St John’s Church destruction

Demolition equipment continues working Wednesday, and is expected to continue the next day. Work began Tuesday morning by tearing down the cross at St John’s Church at 1401 Comox, owned by Westbank Projects Corp (CEO Ian Gillespie) and Peterson Investment Group (CEO Ben Yeung). WEN has issued an alert calling for citizens from around the city to visit the corner of Comox and Nelson Streets in the West End over the next two days to bear witness. A media statement will be made onsite at 11:30 am May 18 (Wednesday). A neighbourhood gathering will be held at 6 pm on May 19 (Thursday) for speeches, information and public displays. Mayor and Council have been invited to the latter. More updates coming. See video and photos below and at bottom.

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The same day (Tuesday) Westbank and architect Gregory Henriquez celebrated as City Council at 2 pm approved their request for another major rezoning at 70th and Granville (Marpole Safeway) for a large development project, part of it under the controversial STIR program.

Tuesday evening, the West End was in the sights again as Council heard public input on a development application that if approved would mean more losses to the community (108 year old tulip tree) and the construction of an 18 storey tower.

These developments and others covered on this WEN website are all part of a wave of radical rezoning applications far beyond the height and densities currently permitted. Many West End residents can accept change and development but only with the fairness and certainty that a comprehensive plan can provide. 11,500 people have signed our “no rezoning without a comprehensive plan” petition.

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