Major tremors from 1401 Comox demolition: Action update

For much of the day yesterday, and starting again today at 7:48 am, residents have felt major earth tremors from the demolition of St. John’s Church at 1401 Comox. Owners Westbank Projects Corp and Peterson Investment Group are using heavy equipment to smash concrete onsite as they demolish St John’s Church. People have reported tremors several blocks away. Some have been awoken from sleep by the disturbance. The shocks have reportedly even knocked pictures off walls.  Mayor and Council have been notified. An inquiry about regulations and their enforcement has been made to the top responsible official at City Hall. We will also seek more information about the demolition work schedule and provide it online for people who wish to know, as the City and owners of the property have failed to do so. If you wish to report any problems from this demolition, we urge you to call 311 or write (and if you do, send a copy to for us to compile).

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