Tulip tree site / 1241 Harwood status (decision on 31-May-2011)

The second night of the Public Hearing for 1241/1245 Harwood concluded shortly before 11pm on Thursday night, May 19, 2011. Council heard from all remaining speakers, a number of them up for the second time. One after another rose and spoke against the proposal on a rather sombre night. Council was often reminded that the current zoning policy does provide the tools to reject the 18-storey tower proposal by applying outright floor space ratio and height zoning envelopes guidelines and enforcing one tower per block face and minimum tower separation distances. Several residents said that the scale and the location of the tower will have adverse impacts of both shadowing and privacy loss for neighbours. A few of the residents who knew the previous owner of the property, Mrs. Fuchs, concurred that it was her intention to save both the Tulip tree and heritage house. Other speakers asked council to reject the proposal by referring to the petition signed by 11,500 residents of the West End who are opposed to rezoning without a comprehensive plan. This petition was presented to council on Tuesday night; one of the councillors acknowledged that this is the largest petition they have ever received from a neighbhourhood.
At a Regular Council meeting on May 31st after 2pm, Council will hear closing remarks, question City Staff and debate the proposal. Archive video footage of the May 19 meeting is now up on the City Clerk’s webpage (item 5).

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