Source of seismic tremors in West End: See video

This is the culprit: A 5000 pound demolition ball dropped from between eight and twenty feet in height. For the past two weeks, West End residents have been jolted by ground tremors from demolition at St John’s Church (1401 Comox), sometimes starting at 7:30 am and finishing at 3:30 pm. We have learned that the City has no guidelines and conducts no monitoring of construction-caused ground vibrations and no monitoring of air quality. But the Vancouver Building Bylaw is being revised, maybe Vancouver can try to catch up to the better standards of other cities. Citizen action is needed in order to ensure that the revised bylaw is better for the public.

From what we have learned the owner (Westbank/Peterson) could do this work of pulverizing cement off-site. Their decision to do it in the middle of a highly populated residential area appears to be simply a cost-saving decision.

Anyone disturbed by the earth tremors from 1401 Comox is encouraged to complain by calling 311 (City info desk) or e-mailing Be sure to get a file number and keep note of it.

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