Council adopts staff recommendations on “Next Community Plans” including West End

Vancouver City Council at the  Planning and Environment Committee on July 28 adopted the staff recommendations (penv1b-VancouversNextCommunityPlans (15-Jul release for 28-Jul-2011) naming Grandview-Woodland, Marpole and the West End as three neighbourhoods to receive the City’s planning support to develop community plans. WEN wrote to council supporting the staff report, considering how many people have signed our petition calling for “no rezoning without a comprehensive plan.” Yet last-minute amendments passed appear to permit rezoning applications that “advance objectives” of city policies (i.e., STIR, Greenest City, etc.) to proceed during the process. As a  community we need to stay involved, pay close attention to the process as the terms of reference are developed, and continue to have an active say in the future of our community. The staff recommendations also have extensive city-wide implications.

MOTION AS AMENDED . Passed at about 6 pm, July 28, 2011.

A. THAT Council endorse the approach outlined in the Administrative Report dated July 15, 2011, entitled “Vancouver’s Next Community Plans”, to guide planning in the next Community Plan neighbourhoods.

B. THAT Council direct staff to begin Community Plan programs in Grandview-Woodland, Marpole and the West End;

FURTHER THAT Council approve the additional funding necessary to undertake all three plans concurrently, as outlined in the Financial Implications section of the Administrative Report dated July 15, 2011, entitled “Vancouver’s Next Community Plans”, and detailed in Appendix C of that report, subject to the 2012 budget process.

C. THAT Council approve the rezoning policy attached in Appendix B of the Administrative Report dated July 15, 2011, entitled “Vancouver’s Next Community Plans”, to establish the conditions under which new rezonings and heritage revitalisation agreements will be considered while the Grandview Woodland, Marpole and West End Community Plan programs are underway.

D. THAT Council direct staff, as part of the city-wide plan scoping process, to report to Council on a plan to building neighbourhood capacity such that all neighbourhoods can effectively participate in the planning process; and that interim to this report, staff undertake actions to increase capacity as opportunities allow.

E. THAT interim to the city-wide planning process concluding the following enhancements to the rezoning process be implemented as interim measures:

(i) A liaison Councillor and alternate be appointed to each Vision Implementation Committee;

(ii) Staff identify and publish a list of all areas, building types and issues within the existing Visions which were identified as needing further planning and that staff encourage development proposals that relate to these, to be brought to the early attention of the Vision Implementation Committees in order that they can be more meaningfully involved in early planning in such circumstances; and

(iii) The notification area for proposed rezonings be expanded on a case by case basis to include an area that would be reasonably impacted by a proposed rezoning (e.g. – Impacts from shadowing, views, traffic, etc).

F. THAT the following amendments be made to Appendix B:

(i) Strike “30%” in Policy 5; and

(ii) Strike and replace Policy 8 with the following: [by Clr Raymond Louie]

Rezoning applications which seek relief from any of the terms of this rezoning policy may be considered under exceptional circumstances, provided that they substantially advance objectives from city-wide policies and do not constitute a significant increase in the rate of development for the neighbourhood in question.  

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