Contractor for Millennium/Concord issues notice of commencement of demolition at Bidwell/Davie (Maxines’s going down, Alexandra going up)

West End Neighbours has obtained a copy of a “Notice of Commencement of Demolition” for 1718 Davie Street (Davie and Bidwell) circulated to “neighbouring businesses and residents.” The former address for this site was 1215 Bidwell. The project is to demolish Maxine’s and commercial buildings and to build luxury condominiums and STIR apartments in what is now marketed as “The Alexandra.” As demolition and construction have impacts on local residents, with permission, This notice is provided as a community service to people who may not have received a copy in their building. Download in PDF format: Demo Notice Bidwell-Davie, Abs Demo, Aug-2011.

Main points are:

  • Firm conducting the demolition for Millennium and Concord Pacific is Absolute Demolition (
  • Some basic information about compliance with Vancouver Bylaws, safety, hazardous waste, noise control, pedestrians, vehicle traffic and the method of demolition.
  • Contact number for inquiries.

For more information about the demolition, its impacts, and the regulatory context in Vancouver (and possible improvements to it), please visit:

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