Beach Towers proposal going from bad to worse? (Urban Design Panel, Wed, Sept 21)

West End Neighbours has received this update from neighbours near Beach Towers, site of a controversial project being proposed under the STIR program. Visit for more information, including YouTube video of original proposal.

[Update: Initial reports are that on Sept 21, the UDP did NOT support this second proposal (four votes supporting, versus six NOT supporting. Report and video pending.]

A revised application for the Beach Towers rezoning has been posted on the City of Vancouver website. Please check out at:

This revised application has two more townhouses at the rear of the Harwood St. tower, an additional story on the Cardero building (9 stories), and one fewer story on the Beach Avenue building. The proposed additional FSR has been increased to 107,055 sq. ft. Unfortunately, it’s even worse than the last proposal. It keeps getting worse.

Please provide your feedback on this application on the following webpage:

This application is being considered by the Urban Design Panel and the Heritage Commission. Please consider attending.

Urban Design Panel
Location: Committee Room No. 1 (City Hall, main building, 3rd Floor, 453 West 12th Avenue)
Date: September 21 at 4:00 p.m. Phone Laura Harvey to confirm 604 873 7469.

Vancouver Heritage Commission (2nd meeting, as first proposal was not supported)
Location: City Hall (may be at the Business Centre Meeting Room, 2nd Floor)
Date: October (3 or 24? being confirmed) at 11 am

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