City of Vancouver hosts stakeholder workshop on West End planning process

On Saturday January 28, the City of Vancouver will hold a workshop for stakeholders with an interest in the community plan process for the West End.

WEN will be represented at the workshop and a total of twenty-one stakeholder groups have confirmed attendance including representatives from organizations such as St. Paul’s Hospital, the West End Seniors’ Network, the Urban Development Institute and Gordon Neighbourhood House.

We believe that WEN has the potential to play an important role in the planning process for the West End by raising awareness of the issues, promoting meaningful engagement, and encouraging education on relevant topics, such as zoning, planning and the development approval process.

WEN’s petition on “no rezoning without a comprehensive plan” stated that:
“I request in the event of considering general or site-specific land use and/or West End zoning changes, that these include meaningful consultation with residents, protect existing neighbourhood liveability, and respect/maintain the character of the neighbourhood. We need a comprehensive plan, not site-by-site rezoning.”

WEN will be encouraging meaningful consultation with residents calling for protection of existing neighbourhood liveability and for the need to respect and maintain the character of the neighbourhood.

For more information about the workshop, the planning process and potential issues, see West End Planning Process.

Background on the City’s planning program is located here.

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