Shadow analysis of 1401 Comox proposal shows 22-storey tower will have major impacts on community

WEN’s petition, signed by thousands, calls for a halt to rezonings until our community has a comprehensive plan. The West End community planning process is starting to move forward, but some major rezoning/development applications are still in the pipeline. The controversial 22-storey tower proposal at 1401 Comox Street (site of St. John’s Church) is one of them. An independent architect has created and shared for the public two videos that model the shadows of the proposed building  on March 21 and June 21. The West End community is encouraged to notice the difference in shadow impacts on the neighbourhood and nearby park area between the proposed tower at 7.14 floor space ratio (FSR) being requested and a 1.5 FSR five-storey building (which the current site zoning allows as the maximum density). The usual shadow studies as required by the City concentrate on the larger context. They lack the focus on any specific area. In this case the adjacent mini park as a public amenity needs to be studied more carefully to understand the actual impact of the proposed project. The following movies and images simply provide that extra information to gain a better understanding.

Residents should note that the shadow impact is still quite strong in the afternoon, when the mini-park on Broughton Street is used by the community and children from Gordon Neighbourhood House. We believe that the public open house on February 9, 2012, may not have provided the full information on shadow impacts.

After reviewing these images, concerned residents may wish to write Mayor and Council with their thoughts on this rezoning application, and prepare to speak to the rezoning public hearing when the date is announced. You may also wish to write to the Planning Department (details here at bottom of web page) requesting clarifications. If you have not yet provided written comments to the City, you may do so ASAP using the online feedback form.

Still images of the shadows are provided below:

The four images below illustrate a 1.5FSR five storey building.

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