City Council adopts Terms of Reference on March 28 for West End community planning process

The Terms of Reference documents for the three new Community Plans (in Marpole, the West End, and Grandview-Woodland) were approved at the Planning, Transportation & Environment Meeting, March 28, 2012.

The staff presentation on Next Community Plans can be found here:

The combined staff report (19 pages) and three Terms of Reference documents (27 pages each) can be found here:

(The staff report also contains an amended Rezoning Policy for all three Local Areas.)

These documents are also available on the City’s West End Community Plan webpage here.

Council Liaisons

In addition to approving the Terms of Reference, Council also appointed two Councillors to act as Council liaisons for each of the community plans:

  • West End – Councillors Tim Stevenson and Adriane Carr
  • Grandview-Woodland – Councillors Kerry Jang and Elizabeth Ball
  • Marpole – Councillors Heather Deal and George Affleck

Launch Events

With the Terms of Reference approved, the planning team is in the process of rolling out the first phase of planning work. As part of the kick-off, they have been preparing a series of launch events using ideas generated by the Neighbourhood Champions Network and will forward details about those very shortly.

West End Community Plan List-serv

Finally, the team will also be working to raise awareness of the community planning process through a number of channels. Community groups have been requested to let their networks know about the West End Community Planning list-serv. This will be a key means of informing people about upcoming events and engagement opportunities.  People can sign up for the West End list-serv here:

You can also sign up for the other community list-servs at Grandview-Woodland and Marpole.

Brief Background

The overhaul of the planning process for Community Planning began last year. The Council and planning staff wanted to improve the lengthy process as well as combat distrust and cynicism that had built up over past experiences. There were workshops and consultations and the whole effort culminated in City Council’s decision to embark on an ambitious effort to work on 3 Community Plans at the same time.

In preparation, planners and staff were hired and reallocated and the work began of initially checking in with formal community representatives as well as individuals and various organizations not normally involved with City Hall. This activity occurred in record time and community “activists” were informed that the general terms of reference were going to guide the local planning process.

Unfortunately the community groups and individuals consulted were unaware that the individual terms of references for the West End, Marpole and Grandview-Woodlands were going to Council without an opportunity for adequate review by those who helped to shape them. The report to Council (dated March 7, 2012) was released to the public on March 21 – in time for the report to go to the City of Vancouver’s Planning, Transportation and Environment Committee meeting on March 28th.

As community members were provided only a one-week notice that the Overall Terms of References were going to Council for consideration and approval, several community groups wrote City Council requesting more time for the public to review the draft Terms of Reference, citing topics that could require revisions seen here. Representatives from all three communities wanted a bit more time to study the roadmap laid out by Planning Staff since none of them had time to consult with other residents or to distribute the 100-page package. Several members from the three affected neighbourhoods also attended the meeting and spoke to Council.

When the report was presented to the Committee, Councillor Carr supported the short delay (up to 2 weeks) as requested by individuals from community groups to give them sufficient time to review the Terms of Reference. The other councillors present and Mayor did not support a brief delay. Both NPA councillors were on leave. In the end, Council made no amendments to the actual text of the Terms of Reference before adopting it: however, Council appears to have heard the concern about the short notice period and instructed (by formal motion) that Reports to Council about community plans receive at least 2 weeks notice for community members involved in the process.

Council Motion – Next Community Plans

A. THAT Council approve three Terms of Reference documents for Community Plan programs in Grandview-Woodland, Marpole, and the West End, as detailed in Appendices A, B, and C respectively of the Administrative Report dated March 7, 2012, entitled “Next Community Plans: Terms of Reference”.

B. THAT Council approve a minor modification to the rezoning policy attached in Appendix E of the Administrative Report dated March 7, 2012, entitled “Next Community Plans: Terms of Reference”, to reflect Council-approved policy which provides for the consideration of rezonings in the Cambie Corridor Phase 2 Core Area in Marpole.

C. THAT City Councillors are appointed to act as Council liaisons to the Next Community Plans in the respective communities as follows:

  • Grandview – Councillors Kerry Jang and Elizabeth Bal
  • Marpole – Councillors Heather Deal and George Affleck
  • West End – Councillors Tim Stevenson and Adriane Carr

D. THAT Staff make all reports coming to Council regarding these three Community Plans publicly available to all members of the respective communities for at least two weeks prior to the Council meeting at which the report is to be heard.

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