Reminder: Open house Nov 14 for Beach Towers rezoning

There will be an open house on November 14, 2012 for another controversial rezoning under the Short Term Incentives for Rental program — several buildings to be added at 1600 Beach Avenue. It is as-yet unclear what has changed since the last version of the application. See WEN page on this project.

 Link to official City information:

WEN still believes that the STIR program that enables this application (adopted by Council in 2009 without any prior public consulation) was legally flawed. City Council allowed the STIR program to expire in December 2011, but replaced it with another program. This project is grandfathered under STIR. 13,000 people have signed the WEN petition asking for no rezoning without a comprehensive plan for the West End. The planning process has begun, but rezonings continue. The planning process is now ending Phase 1 (Open Houses on Oct 24, 27, and 30) and soon entering Phase 2 (policy development). We encourage residents to keep involved in the community planning process.

REVISED Rezoning Application – 1600 Beach Avenue and 1651 Harwood Street

Revised Application (May 2012) | Revised Application (November 2011) | Revised Application (September 2011) | Original Application (November 2010) | Notifications & Links

IBI/HB Architects, on behalf of Beach Towers Investments Inc., has submitted a revised application to rezone 1600 Beach Avenue and 1651 Harwood Street from RM-5A (Multiple Residential) District to Comprehensive Development (CD-1) District to add a total of 133 dwelling units to these sites. The existing property has 601 rental apartments in four towers (19 to 21 storeys) on two sites — 1600 Beach Avenue and 1651 Harwood Street. The application proposes the following:

1.      Along Beach Avenue: add a 4-storey residential building with 2-storey townhouses at grade and two levels of housing above.

2.      At the corner of Harwood and Cardero Streets: add a 9-storey residential building.

3.      On the Harwood Street site: along Harwood, add two 2-storey structures on either side of the existing Columbus House building, with five units at ground level on five 2-storey townhouses above; and along the lane, add seven 2-storey townhouses.

4.      Infill the base of the existing towers to expand the lobbies, add a new rental office, and create additional amenity space.

5.      At Beach Avenue and Cardero Street: add a partially submerged one-storey amenity building.

The proposal would add approximately 99,993 sq. ft. of density, resulting in an increase in floor space ratio (FSR) from 3.42 to 4.32 (noting that the maximum permitted under the current zoning is 2.2 FSR). The applicant has applied under the Short Term Incentives for Rental Housing (STIR) Program and all the residential units are proposed to be market rental.

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