West End community plan process: important updates

West End zoning map small Jan2013Our West End neighbourhood is now in the midst of a very important phase of the community planning process. Policies are being developed that will affect the West End for decades to come. Here are summaries of four items in a January 8, 2013, e-mail from City of Vancouver planning staff to the “Neighbourhood Champions’ Network.”  Note that official information on the planning process is posted here:


1. Neighbourhood Champions’ Network “Meet ‘n’ Greet, January 29, evening

This NCN event will be an opportunity for staff to share results from activities in 2012, and what’s coming up in 2013. City staff would like to hear about residents’ experiences and discuss what worked well during Phase 1, and what could be improved for Phase 2. This will also be an opportunity for NCN members to meet and chat with other West Enders.

West End Neighbours’ note: The NCN is an e-mail list managed by City staff and created to spread the word about the community plan. If you would like to join the NCN, please send an e-mail to City planner Holly Sovdi at westendplan@vancouver.ca or call 604-871-6330.

2. PlaceSpeak website for Neighbourhood Champions’ Network

The City has contracted with a company called PlaceSpeak to join the West End NCN conversation. This online forum is for NCN members to contribute, share ideas, and help get the word out. If you are interested, please contact City planner Holly Sovdi at westendplan@vancouver.ca or call 604-871-6330.

3. Development Capacity Estimates

The West End Residential Development Capacity Estimates information sheet is now available on the City webpage. Download in PDF format: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/westend-development-capacity.pdf.

Estimates are broken down by:

  • development capacity (based on actual rates of development and takes into account constraints in identifying redevelopment sites)
  • zoned capacity (ignores existing City land use policy and is simply a “build-out calculation” that assumes the maximum residential floor space could be built on each site based on existing zoning)

West End Neighbours’ note: The above statistics provide important basic data for urban planning. Residents are encouraged to review this material. We will work to provide some analysis and commentary on what the numbers mean.

4. West End Community Plan “Phase 2 Launch Survey Summary”

This document from the City of Vancouver staff summarizes ‘ responses to the survey conducted at the planning team’s October 2012 community open houses, which was also available online: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/west-end-community-plan-phase-2-launch-survey-summary.pdf.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge support for and receive feedback regarding the Six Core Community Values and Three Lenses for Dialogue that emerged from Phase 1 of the West End community plan process, as well as the “Action While Planning” initiatives that took place over spring and summer 2012.

For further information please contact

  • Holly Sovdi, West End Planner, 604-871-6330
  • John Grottenberg, Planning Analyst, 604-873-7447
  • E-mail: westendplan@vancouver.ca
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