Vancouver Park Board – urgent special meeting TONIGHT, 6:30 pm, at West End Community Centre

In media coverage and online, you may have noticed the controversy regarding the Park Board’s proposed
Community Centre Association Partnership Agreements. Due to the high level of public concern, the meeting has been set for a larger venue:
West End Community Centre, tonight at 6:30 pm, Monday, February 4, 2013
The Park Board will make a presentation, and MANY residents have signed up to speak. It is possible that the Commissioners may rush through to make a final vote today, so it is important to follow this issue and participate. For more reading, please visit “My Vancouver Community Centres” and also see the City’s current proposal.  Many communities have expressed concern about this fundamental shift in how community centres will operate, with increasing centralization of control at City Hall. Since the meeting is right in our neighbourhood, we encourage West Enders to attend and see what’s going on. Study the issues, and let your elected officials know what you think.
VOTE in the Vancouver Courier poll on this topic (look to centre of page, a few inches down from top).
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