WEN UPDATE, 4-Feb-2013, Park Board TODAY, Beach Towers Feb 5 hearing, etc

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Feb. 4, 2013


This is a quick update from West End Neighbours on two important meetings this week, and more.
West End Neighbours

Beach Towers, major rezoning proposal, Public Hearing, Tuesday, Feb 5 at City Hall
The public hearing for a proposed rezoning and major development at Beach Towers will be held at 6 pm on February 5, 2013 at City Hall. For more information please visit our website. We encourage West Enders to read up, then write or speak to Council. The media have covered and are expected to provide more coverage of this application to add much density to an already dense block, take away public views, and change the character of the neighbourhood. See also Beachtowers.ca.
Our petition signed by 13,000 calls for a halt to spot rezonings and asks for a comprehensive plan. This proposal is a a spot rezoning. And the community planning process is still in mid-stream.

Vancouver Parks Board – special meeting TONIGHT, 6:30 pm, at West End Community Centre
In media coverage and online, you may have noticed the controversy regarding the Parks Board’s proposed
Community Centre Association Partnership Agreements. Due to the high level of public concern, the meeting has been set for a larger venue:
West End Community Centre, tonight at 6:30 pm, Monday, February 4, 2013
The Parks Board will make a presentation, and MANY residents have signed up to speak. It is possible that the Commissioners may rush through to make a final vote today, so it is important to follow this issue and participate. For more reading, please visit “My Vancouver Community Centres” and also see the City’s current proposal.  Many communities have expressed concern about this fundamental shift in how community centres will operate, with increasing centralization of control at City Hall. Since the meeting is right in our neighbourhood, we encourage West Enders to attend and see what’s going on.
VOTE in the Vancouver Courier poll on this topic (look to centre of page, a few inches down from top).http://www.vancourier.com/index.html

West End Community Plan — Update
The City’s staff held a meeting of the West End “Neighbourhood Champions Network” on January 29. We expect a report from the City some time soon on that.
Information on the planning work is available here:

The City’s summary of the “launch survey” is located here:

Stay tuned for more news on what will happen in the next six months.

Community Modelling Workshop Saturday Feb. 2 and Sunday Feb. 3
Several West Enders attended workshops on February 2 and 3, offered by Korbin daSilva, an M.Sc. Candidate – Geography – McGill University. The workshops were an interesting experience in designing a community, using building blocks. We will report more on this later. The approach might be helpful for repeating for the West End community plan, but to our knowledge, no such plans are in place at the moment. More info on Korbin’s work:
Community Modelling Sustainable Neighbourhoods –www.communitymodelling.com

West End Community Profile now online
Part of the West End Plan process, the City’s profile for the West End has recently been updated and finalized to include a comprehensive range of information and data regarding demographics, housing, character, heritage, transportation and local economy. 2011 census data have been included where available.
Visit the West End Community Plan website (www.vancouver.ca/westendplan) under “Documents,” and look for “About the West End.”

West End Community Centre Association Special General Meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 6:30 pm, Coal Harbour Community Centre
WECCA will hold a special general meeting on February 5 for amendments to its constitution and adoption of new bylaws. More information 604-257-8344.  .

Call for Donations and Volunteers
 WEN’s work in the neighbourhood requires many volunteer hours AND volunteer funding. WEN has no access to public funds or grant money, so our activities are funded through people like you. If you can contribute something to help fund WEN’s work, please use the “make a donation” button on the website at:


You can be confident that donated funds will be put to good use in raising awareness of planning development issues in the West End and helping to ensure our West End neighbourhood continues to be a great place to live, work, and play.


Who are West End Neighbours?  A group of volunteers dedicated to preserving the quality of life of our neighbours and the unique and distinctive character and heritage of our neighbourhood. Our inspiration and support comes from people in the community, especially the  13,000 who have signed our petition, including renters, owners and business people from all walks of life and all ages: working people, young families, seniors, children and youth, etc.


The West End is currently facing spot rezoning applications for buildings with major departures from height, floor space, and design permitted under current zoning and the existing community plan. They will have a major long-term impact on our neighbourhood, and the City is failing to look at the big picture of the West End’s residents’ needs. We need to challenge these rezoning applications and ask what we envision for our community into the future.


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More news to come soon!  Thank you, neighbour!

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