West End Community Plan Survey – Input Deadline Tuesday, April 23

West End plan, panel 13, 4-April-2013, tower height zones proposedHave you completed the Survey on Plan Directions for the West End Community Plan?

Vancouver’s Planning Department is working to complete an updated community plan for the West End. This document will guide the development of the community over the next 30 years. It’s important that you share your ideas and comments. The City has presented its proposals for policy directions and is requesting input from the public on these directions.

The current input phase is very important, so please take the opportunity to review the plan directions and complete the survey.The current survey is one of three significant opportunities for input on the plan policies. The next chance will come in a few months when the draft plan is circulated for review, and the third when City Council reviews the plan a few months later. The further along the process the less likely it will be that significant changes can be made to respond to community input.

The survey is formatted as a series of questions asking whether you agree or disagree with the plan directions in each of the topic areas. As you consider the presentation boards and the survey questions, please consider the following issues and questions, and make use of the “free-form” comment boxes to provide input.

What do you like in the plan directions? What are things that appear to reflect your opinions of what you value in the West End? Do you support the retention of the tower separation guidelines in the West End as noted in the plan directions? Do you support the proposed direction to avoid the use glass “curtain wall” construction in new development? What about options for increasing visitor parking as proposed in the options around management of parking?

What concerns you in the plan directions? Are policies that would support towers in various “corridor locations” such as lower Davie Street and options for buildings up to 70 storeys in the areas closer to the business district plan consistent with your ideas? Does the housing mix proposed with a focus rental housing in new development seem appropriate? Do you think shopping streets like Denman could benefit from a mix of commercial and residential uses, rather than the strictly commercial development currently proposed?

What is missing or needs clarification? Do you have questions about the visual impact of some of the development proposed – for example, the mixed-use development on Lower Davie Street with towers of 18 to 20 storeys and 10-storey development along Lower Robson Street? What about the format and appearance of the proposed rental housing fronting laneways in the West End in up to six-storey buildings? The plan directions suggest heights for new buildings, but provide no indication of the density of development to be permitted – is this important to you? Is further information required regarding the timing and feasibility of improvements to the library, community centre, and parks or the addition of lighting and sidewalks in laneways?

The boards outlining the proposed policy directions are posted under the “Documents” tab at the following link:


The survey is available at the link below:


The survey is open until Tuesday, April 23rd. Please take the time to review the plan direction proposals and share your input with the City! West End Neighbours is also happy to receive your comments, to help us keep a sense of the pulse of the community.

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