Development Application at 1365 Burnaby St. for six-storey 21 unit rental building

1365 Burnaby St development appl image April 2013The City of Vancouver has received a Development Application from Amanat Architect for the property at 1365 Burnaby Street (just east of Broughton). The City will receive public comments until Monday, May 13, and the Development Permit Board is scheduled to consider the project on Tuesday, July 2.
The site is currently occupied by an eight unit, three-storey walk-up building constructed in the 1950’s. The proposal is to develop a new six-storey, 21 unit, rental building with 2 levels of underground parking and a total of 15 parking spaces.  Four of the parking spaces are located in the rear lane, with eleven of the parking are proposed to be accessed via a driveway from Burnaby Street.
The City’s notification letter for the project is located at the following web link:
Further information on this project can be found by clicking on the link below:

The application is proposed under the site’s existing RM-5A zoning. The density proposed is “conditional” meaning that it exceeds the base permitted density on the site, but is allowed under certain conditions. 

The site is the location of one of the many dozens of three-storey walk-up buildings in the West End. While it is positive to see the renewal of rental housing at this site under the existing zoning and within the existing six-storey height limit, some people have expressed concerns regarding the suite mix proposed and the likelihood of long-term tenancies, particularly given the inclusion of a concierge desk and meeting room facility at the lobby level. 

The key policy that affects the project is the City’s requirement for “rental replacement”: any rental units demolished are required to be replaced in new development. In this case, the eight existing rental units in the building would need to be secured through a housing agreement with the City. There would be no restrictions on what price these units can rent for. The only requirement is that they be retained as rental units and be rented for minimum 30 day periods. There is no requirement that replacement rental units match the sizes of the original units.

A couple of questions to consider in reviewing the proposal are:

1.) Whether this is the type of development that the community wants to encourage in the redevelopment of these sites with small units and the potential for frequent turn-over?

2.) Whether the addition of a driveway access from Burnaby Street is a desirable addition to the West End’s existing comfortable walking environment? 

If you have comments on the proposal, you can share them with Michelle Au, Project Facilitator for the City Planning Department at 604.871.6702 or by email at:


NOTE: This message was posted as a public service by West End Neighbours, which strives to provide information to our community about development and planning issues affecting the future of the West End.

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