August 28 (Wed) Special Forum on City’s Draft Community Plan for West End

WestEnd crown_WEN image, Aug-2013

Special Forum on City’s Draft
Community Plan for West End

  • Moderator:
    – Charlie Smith, Editor, the Georgia Straight
  • From the City:
    – Brian Jackson, General Manager, Planning and Development Services
    – Kevin McNaney, Assist Dir, Planning (responsible for Central Area     Planning including the West End)

There will be brief opening presentations. The senior City staff will be present to clarify facts and answer questions about the process and content of the community plan.

The main focus of the event is an open microphone session. This is to allow a broad discussion by people present. Everything is on the table. This is a great chance for residents to hear from each other directly. The emphasis will be on community members expressing their views, asking questions, and discussing issues.

[In the next couple of months, the West End may be at the end of an 18-month community planning process that began in the spring of 2012. The Plan will guide development and change our neighbourhood for the next generation or two. Some big changes are being proposed. But only 1% of 45,000 West Enders attended the City’s June Open Houses that revealed “emerging directions.” And only 0.3% of West Enders submitted feedback through written and online questionnaires after those Open Houses.]



If time permits, we will send another newsletter before the event with independent analysis of the proposed plans, plus some questions and concerns — as food for thought.
Here are links to the official documents, PDF format, from the City.
June 2013 open houses

More information is available on the “Documents” tab on the City site:
Here is a map showing proposed heights, up to “about” 70 stories in some locations.
West End plan, panel 13, 4-April-2013, tower height zones proposed
Here is a 3D image of a possible scenario for the West End shown at the June open houses — for discussion purposes.
West End Plan emerging directions booklet p39, June 2013
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