WEN petitions Supreme Court challenging STIR and Rental 100 programs

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September 20, 2013


West End Neighbours launches B.C. Supreme Court challenge to Vancouver’s STIR (Short Term Incentives for Rental) and Rental 100 programs

West End Neighbours (WEN), a non-profit society registered under the BC Society’s Act, has filed a petition pursuant to the Judicial Review Procedure Act in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to challenge City of Vancouver Bylaws No. 9755 and No. 9418 and the City of Vancouver’s STIR (Short Term Incentives for Rental) and Rental 100 programs.

WEN contends that the Vancouver Charter does not authorize City Council to delegate its power to establish what constitutes “affordable rental housing” to the City Manager or to waive Development Cost Levies (DCLs) for developments that create for-profit market rental housing.

WEN is concerned about the City’s use of DCL waivers to encourage the construction of for-profit market rental housing and the impacts that STIR and Rental 100 projects are having on the West End and the City of Vancouver as a whole. The waiver of DCLs in market rental housing projects is resulting in increased demands for services throughout the City and a corresponding loss of revenue necessary to maintain and repair existing infrastructure and to provide for amenities in these growing communities.

The STIR and Rental 100 programs provide significant benefits to developers, including accelerated processing times for permit applications, DCL waivers, and bonus density, all without requiring the creation of genuine “affordable rental housing” as required by the legislation.

WEN is a non-profit coalition of volunteers who recognise the unique character of their community and strive to maintain the core assets and relationships within the neighbourhood.


E-mail: info@westendneighbours.ca Web: http://www.WestEndNeighbours.ca.

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