West End Plan – Working Group, new website, public meeting Nov 12

West End aerial view, in CoV WE Plan draft 22-Oct-2013An ad hoc group has decided to launch the West End Plan Working Group to facilitate analysis and discussion of the draft West End Community Plan. The Working Group is separate from but supported by WEN.  This is one outcome of a townhall meeting on “Development and Democracy” on November 2, 2013, organized by Councillor Adriane Carr (who happens to be one of the two official Liaison Councillors for the West End Plan),

West End Plan Working Group
Web: www.WestEndPlanWorkingGroup.wordpress.com

Note that the website is under preparation and will be opened up late on Friday Nov 8 — with sections with comment and questions on the draft plan, Q&A, etc.

Public Meeting for West End Residents
Tuesday, November 12, 2013,  7 to 9 pm
West End Community Centre, Barclay Room
(This is perhaps the last chance for a public discussion about the draft community plan.)

The Working Group aims to publicly promote thinking and understanding of the draft community plan, to identify important issues and questions, and to get answers from the City in a timely way. Anyone is welcome to provide input and to review the material and use it in their communication with City staff and Council. Time permitting, the group may also issue summary reports of findings on November 13 and 20.

 Anyone will be able to comment online on the various sections/topics.

 This meeting on November 12 is intended to be a quality discussion of the most important concerns of the draft West End Plan. It is hoped that participants will have reviewed the draft plan/documents from the City, as well as the Working Group’s website.

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