WEN News 18-Nov-2013: Community Plan goes to Council Nov 20. Time to tell Council the Plan is NOT yet ready

West End aerial view, in CoV WE Plan draft 22-Oct-2013(This message went out to WEN newsletter subscribers today.)

The final step of the West End Community Plan is set to happen on November 20 (Wednesday) at a City Council meeting starting at 9:30 am.

 Agenda information for the meeting is available at this link:


Residents are welcome to speak to Council at the meeting, or to share their comments in writing by email.  Information on how to sign up to speak to Council is at this link:


If you have not yet done so, we urge you to write to mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca  or sign up to speak to Council with your comments, or at least attend and observe the meeting. Please visit our website for more details on how.

WEN will be issuing a statement to Mayor and Council asking City Council NOT to adopt the draft plan at this time.

Parts of the plan may be fine, but the City has left far too many unanswered questions, and there is no reason to rush this important final step.

The West End Plan is intended to guide development in the West End for the next thirty years. The plan includes a Public Benefits Strategy with a value of over $600 million, and while much of the construction is expected in the first ten years, many of the public benefits for the community might only occur in the distant future.  The Plan has implications for hundreds of million dollars of land development and the public deserves to have a clear understanding of future change in their neighbourhood.  Instead of a clear “road map” the plan as presented to the public is a complex 200-page document. Some of the most critical details have only been available for review since November 6.

The West End’s new community plan will affect many aspects of life in your community and your city. We need a plan that the community truly understands and supports. We encourage you to tell your Mayor and Council the same.

For more information on the many remaining issues, we invite you to visit the WEN website and also the ad hoc Working Group on the West End Plan.

West End Neighbours

PS. Here are just some examples of hundreds of issues that need to be specifically and more completely discussed by the community.

  • Towers up to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 storeys and more (see maps on our website in previous posts).
  • Addition of significant population and density to an already dense area – the West End doesn’t seem to be getting much credit for its current high density
  • Proposal for conversion of Davie Street to an entertainment zone
  • Removal of residential as a permitted use from all shopping streets
  • Lack of provisions for maximum density of new development in the Burrard corridor
  • “Filling in” of Lower Davie street with towers (like new 21-storey Alexandra at Bidell/Davie) of mixed-use developments at up to 7.0 FSR from Broughton to Denman
  • Removal of block face tower separation guideline for Lower Davie Street meaning more tower developments on each block
  • Pre-zoning of Lower Davie Street to permit additional density without Community Amenity Contributions or a Public Hearing
  • High density development (up to 8.75 FSR on Robson Street from Jervis to Denman)
  • Excessive height (up to six storeys) of multifamily infill development of the laneways proposed for some areas (note, he term “laneway housing” for this type of housing can be misleading).
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