City Council adopts West End Community Plan, Nov 20, 2013

West End Plan Learning Sessions cover oct 2013This evening, City of Vancouver Mayor and Council adopted the West End Plan Community Plan as proposed by staff, with a number of final amendments.

WEN had expressed concerns about the proposed plan as noted in the letter at this link: WEN asks Mayor/Council to send draft West End Community Plan back to community for more work, more input

WEN is disappointed that the community was not provided a greater opportunity to participate in determining the future of the neighbourhood, but hopes that West End residents will continue to show interest in the implementation of the community plan in the coming months and years.

The West End is a jewel of a community and deserves careful consideration and the input of a broad ranges of voices as it continues to evolve.

WEN appreciates the support of Councillors Adriane Carr, George Affleck and Elizabeth Ball in Council discussions about the West End Plan, in asking questions and encouraging Council to give the community more time to understand and discuss the draft plan.

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