New Year 2014 Greeting

wenlogo23.jpgFrom West End Neighbours, we wish everyone a wonderful 2014.

Stay tuned for lots of news this year. In November 2013, City Council adopted the West End Community Plan. Already in January, a public hearing is scheduled, to adopt zoning changes to fit with the plan. Many questions and issues about the entire process and content remain unresolved. Public input continues to be an important factor. Your attention and involvement is needed to ensure the West End continues to be a wonderful, livable community.

West End Neighbours (WEN) has the following mission: To enhance and celebrate the quality of life, the distinct, diverse character and the heritage of the West End, a livable neighbourhood between downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. We accomplish this by influencing policy decisions and ensuring change is based on evolving community needs, is neighbourly and respectful and reflects relevant and timely engagement with residents.

The promotion of community engagement in decisions affecting the neighbourhood is one of our key themes.

Volunteers, ideas, suggestions, and donations are all welcome!

This coming year, you can expect:

  • Public hearing to implement zoning changes under the West End Community Plan
  • Rezoning and development applications affecting your community
  • Follow up to this whole process — and, with luck, some answers to the questions that were still unanswered
  • Opportunities for residents to consider who to vote for in the November 15, 2014 civic election
  • And much, much more
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