WEN letter to Council, on West End zoning amendments, Public Hearing, Jan 23

West End Plan Learning Sessions cover oct 2013Dear Mayor and Council,

We are writing to request that you reject the proposed West End zoning amendments, subject of the Public Hearing on January 23, 2014.

Our reasons for this include:

  • The West End Community Plan was not the product of a meaningful public engagement exercise.
  • Residents have not had a fair chance to digest the many and complex proposals – and the City has not done an adequate job of educating residents, or even of answering questions following the release of the Plan.
  • Insufficient rationale was provided for the West End needing to absorb 10,000 more residents.
  • The City failed to adequately explore or evaluate with our community the variety of options for housing these theoretical future residents.
  • The Plan and the zoning changes proposed are imposing what the vast majority of residents did NOT want. Most residents surveyed by the City indicated they did not want new buildings exceeding 11 storeys in height. But the Plan, and the proposed zoning changes, propose that almost all new dwelling units be provided in buildings exceeding 11 storeys. (Refer to page 55 of this consultation document – page 56 of the pdf. See also responses to Question 3b in that document which indicates “Scale and Building Character” were a key concern for residents).

The zoning amendments proposed by staff are based upon a flawed process and West End Neighbours asks that Council not adopt these zoning changes. Please send this back to the community for more work.

E. Pereira, President, West End Neighbours

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