Update on WEN vs City of Vancouver Supreme Court case – April 9-10

WEN logo Raster RGBThis is just a quick update on WEN’s request for a “judicial review” of STIR and Rental 100 programs of the City of Vancouver in the BC Supreme Court, in Vancouver. Day 1 was April 9. Day 2 continues this morning, April 10, starting at 10 am. The court is booked til 4 pm.

On April 9, the morning and part of afternoon was when municipal lawyer Nathalie Baker, representing the WEN Residents’ Society, presented our case. This was followed by two lawyers from the City of Vancouver, who began to present the response from the City of Vancouver.

The proceedings will resume at 10 am today, Thursday, with CoV continuing its presentation, likely to be followed by a response from WEN’s lawyer. The proceedings could possibly take all day today. The Judges decision could be any time, from hours to days to weeks or longer. Stay tuned. For background, see recent posts and links in our top menu regarding STIR and Rental 100, including this.

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