Locals to protest loss of trees, heritage, noon to 4 pm May 18 (Sun) at Legg Residence, 1241 Harwood

Tulip Tree June 2011 (1241 Harwood St, West End, Vancouver)We are passing on this message as a public service.

Protest the loss of trees and heritage at Legg Residence
12 noon to 4 pm, May 18, 2014 (Sun)
Location: 1241 Harwood
For information or to support the effort, please write pcaille@shaw.ca .

Locals will be gathering to protest and express their views about the loss of several mature evergreen trees at the Legg Residence (1241 Harwood) in Vancouver’s West End, which were logged last several days ago to make way for a demolition of the Class A heritage home and construction of a 17-storey tower. They are also protesting the imminent demolition of the building, and the City’s approval of a tower that does not comply with local zoning guidelines. Many people feel the City of Vancouver and developer were wrong to choose this option. The site is also home to the largest tulip tree of its kind in Western Canada, which could grow to be 200 years old if undisturbed. There are concerns that the construction may also doom this tree.

More information:

1241-45 Harwood – Tulip Tree & House – background

Demolition coming for Legg Residence (1241 Harwood): Zoning explained – How much height and density did the City really have to give the property owner?

Note that another event is planned at the site on May 25, 2014 as well. Info on Facebook here.

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