Video, media of Vancouver heritage advocates at threatened Legg Residence, 1241 Harwood, 25-May-2014

On Sunday, May 25, 2014, between 100 and 200 citizens gathered despite heavy rain to put a spotlight on issues surrounding the accelerating loss of heritage homes in Vancouver. This event was held in front of the Legg Residence at 1241 Harwood Street in the West End. Below is video of presentations plus a compilation of links to media coverage.

Caroline Adderson (Facebook: VancouverVanishes)

<a title=”; href=”; target=”_blank”>Michael Kluckner</a> (artist, author, heritage activist)

Elizabeth Murphy (policy expert, <a title=”; href=”; target=”_blank”>Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver</a>)

Adriane Carr (Councillor, City of Vancouver). (Sorry for low volume, due to rain water on microphone. Will try to fix this, but meanwhile, please turn up your volume to hear.)

Talented violinists started the event

We will do our best to get written summaries of their main points.

Coverage prior to the event.

Media coverage after the event. Note that some of the coverage includes factual errors, which we will aim to comment on later.

Protesters rally to save historic Vancouver heritage house (Global News, with video) 25-May-2014

Demolishing Vancouver’s Legg mansion is ‘a humungous slippery slope’, say heritage advocates, by Ian Austin, The Province, 26-May-2014

Vancouver heritage home demolition raises protests: The 115-year-old Legg residence on Harwood Street was an ‘A’ listed heritage building (CBC. with video) 26-May-2014

Vancouverites rally to stop demolition of West End heritage house (by Emily Jackson, Metro News Vancouver, 26-May-2014).

Some of the information presented by the City of Vancouver and repeated by the media is false or incomplete.  Some officials state that “… the developer can build a 17-storey tower without council’s blessing, as the property is zoned for that density.” This is false. Officials also state that  “the local community wanted the tree, not the house.” This is false. Officials say that the City tried to save both, but the community said “no” to the added density to pay for it. This is manipulation of fact. The record shows that neighbours wanted responsible planning at this site that acknowledged both the tree and the house.  It is inaccurate and insincere for City officials to blame residents. Even Heritage Vancouver is a perpetrator of these urban myths and has been asked to correct the information it is circulating.

The videos of this event’s speakers above clarify some of this misinformation. See especially Michael Kluckner, Elizabeth Murphy and Adriane Carr regarding the Legg Residence. Also, CityHallWatch has addressed these topics in detail in the following posts:

Demolition coming for Legg Residence. Zoning explained. How much height and density did the City really have to give the property owner? (CityHallWatch, 13-May-2014)

Legg Residence demolition soon? What went wrong? Could City save 1899-built Class A Heritage Building? (CityHallWatch, 5-May-2014)

Legg Residence in West End sold for $2 in 2004: Murky ownership changes in holding company. Trees cut, demolition next (CityHallWatch, 9-May-2014)

Heritage demolition: Legg residence (1899-2012?) – How an ‘A’-listed Heritage Mansion became slated for demolition (West End) (CityHallWatch, 15-Dec-2011)

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