Beach Towers development: Deadline for public input Sept 19, plus UDP Sept 24, DPB Nov 17

Beach Towers view scheme 9-Jul-2014Several important steps are coming up for the Beach Towers project. We urge people who may have any concerns about this project now or in the future to download and save a copy of all related documents immediately, for future reference. Experience has shown that soon after a permit has been issued, they disappear from the City website without a trace. (Incidentally, there has been speculation that Devonshire Properties is trying to sell the property.)

Public comments for the Beach Towers development permit application are due by September 19, 2014:

Beach Towers will be reviewed at the Urban Design Panel on Wednesday, September 
24, 2014 (6:15 pm & 7:15 pm):

[NOTE: Unfortunately, the City deletes the agenda document as soon as the meeting is over, so THE LINK ABOVE WILL NOT WORK, but we leave it there to make a point. Fortunately, we have saved a copy as a public service, and here it is for download, by clicking CoV UDP agenda-urban-design-panel-20140924, beach towers etc.]

Or see the meetings tab here:

The UDP is not known to respond to individual citizens. They will not ‘formally’ accept written comments from members of the public, although some UDP members occasionally raise issues that have come to their attention.

The current design drawings and full details are posted here:

The final design will be evaluated at the Development Permit Board on November 17, 2014:
(See “Meetings” tab. Agenda goes up shortly before the meeting.)

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