Heart of Davie Village Public Space Improvement Project – Open Houses April 25 (Sat) and April 27 (Mon)

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Source: www.vancouver.ca/heartofdavie

Online survey – public comment: https://www.talkvancouver.com/R.aspx?a=376

A new permanent plaza, decorative lighting, wider sidewalks, landscaping, public art, and a mid-block pedestrian crossing are being considered for the Heart of Davie Village at Davie and Bute streets.


Saturday, April 25, 2015 (11 am to 2 pm)
Heart of Davie Plaza, Davie Street and Bute Street intersection

Monday, April 27, 2015 (5 pm to 8 pm)
St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 1130 Jervis Street

These improvements are part of the West End Community Plan, which includes goals to:

  • Invest in Davie Village public spaces
  • Enhance the area’s distinct character as a hub for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community

As part of the improvements, the City is exploring:

  • Naming a place or asset after Jim Deva to recognize his life and legacy as a leader in the LQBTQ community
  • Celebrating the history and contributions of Vancouver’s LGBTQ community in the permanent plaza

Design consultant PFS Studio is preparing the conceptual and detailed designs for the public space improvements. The City wants to hear from residents, business owners, community groups, and the LGBTQ community through open houses and online feedback. They are also working with the West End Business Improvement Association, City advisory committees, and other stakeholders.

Project details (below is also copied from City website)

The project includes:

  1. A new permanent plaza on Bute Street south of Davie Street with a decorative overhead feature
  2. Decorative lighting, wider sidewalks, landscaping, and public art on Bute Street between the lane north of Davie Street and Burnaby Street
  3. A new mid-block pedestrian crossing and better public space on Davie Street between Bute and Thurlow streets


March 2015

Phase 1: Confirm issues and opportunities

City staff meet with businesses, residents, and stakeholders to confirm issues and opportunities identified through the Heart of Davie Village Plaza pilot project.

April 2015

Phase 2: Identify three conceptual options

PFS Studio prepares conceptual options based on feedback for City staff and the public to review.

City staff and PFS Studio hold workshops for stakeholder and business owners.

City staff and PFS Studio hold public open houses and conduct a questionnaire.

May 2015

Phase 3: Select and refine the preferred option

PFS studio reviews feedback, identifies the preferred option, and refines it.

City staff and PFS Studio hold more workshops for stakeholders.

City staff and PFS Studio hold more public open houses and conduct another questionnaire.

June 2015

Phase 4: Complete detailed design and costing for Council report

City staff carefully review and cost the preferred option and prepare to present it to Council.

July 2015 City staff present the preferred option to Council for approval.
Fall 2015 The City constructs the plaza (pending Council approval).
Summer 2016 The City opens the plaza for public use.

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