Q&A on 19-storey tower proposed for 1171 Jervis Street (formerly 1177 Jervis) – DE418742


What is the status of this 19-storey tower project proposed for the corner of Jervis and Davie? I would like to contribute as much as I possibly can to having it stopped if it is still possible. I have lived in the West End for nearly twenty years and am very concerned about the neighborhood and poor city planning that’s happening in Vancouver in general.1177 Jervis east elevation Feb 2015


Thank you for your note.

The development application at 1171 Jervis Street was approved at the Development Permit Board meeting of May 4, 2015. (A link to the meeting minutes is below.)

The West End can expect to see many more of these types of developments, unless the public gets involved in the process. Read below to see if the City’s officials opinions on the application match your own. If there is a gap, it may be a sign that the City needs to get more and better public input next time.

In this particular application, the City also failed to provide adequate notice to the community (failed to post meeting date on the notice board, and failed to notify hundreds renters living in the vicinity), so it is important to stay alert. WEN will do its best to notify residents via this website when major projects come to our attention. 

We don’t know the current status of the Building Permit at 1171 Jervis Street, but expect that within the next several months it will be processed, and demolition of the heritage houses on the site will begin.

As this site, along with many others in the West End, was rezoned as part of the implementation of the West End Community Plan, City Council is not involved in the approval process of this type of project. 

WEN’s information on the project is available here:

The Report to the Development Permit Board is here:
The minutes of the May 4, 2015 Development Permit Board meeting here:

The comments from the three senior city staff who comprise the Development Permit Board as minuted are as follows:

Board Discussion:

Mr. Jackson [General Manager, Development and Planning Services — the City’s top planner] thanked the applicant for moving quickly after the passage of the West End Plan to come with this scheme that adheres to the Plan for height, density, use and social housing. It has been done in a “mannered” design that is appropriate to the site. He added that this application is setting the precedent for other projects to follow. He also thanked staff from Housing and Planning for making the application work. This is the first of the larger West End projects which are in conformance with the Plan. He added that these types of project offer housing for people that otherwise could not afford to live in the West End.

Mr. Dobrovolny [Acting General Manager of Engineering] said that he thought both staff and the applicant have done a really good job to develop the site in the middle of a long standing neighbourhood. The new policy has helped to guide the way and he said that he appreciated that the applicant worked within that policy. Mr. Dobrovolny said he was happy to support the application.

Mr. Johnston [Deputy City Manager] said he was happy to see the applicant’s approach to energy efficiency. He added that he thought it was a good design and hoped the building would perform well. Mr. Johnston thanked the entire team for their work on the project. He said he happy to see how well the social housing component was integrated into the project. Mr. Johnston was in support for the application.

If you, or your neighbours, have concerns West End Neighbours would encourage you to share those with:

The Planner for this project:
Wendy LeBreton, Project Facilitator, Wendy.Lebreton@vancouver.ca
The Assistant Director of Planning who is responsible for this area:
And with City Council through the following email addresses:
Mayor Gregor Robertson 604.873.7621 gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca
Councillor George Affleck george.affleck@vancouver.ca
Councillor Elizabeth Ball elizabeth.ball@vancouver.ca
Councillor Adriane Carr adriane.carr@vancouver.ca
Councillor Melissa De Genova melissa.degenova@vancouver.ca
Councillor Heather Deal 604.873.7242 heather.deal@vancouver.ca
Councillor Kerry Jang 604.873.7246  kerry.jang@vancouver.ca
Councillor Raymond Louie 604.873.7243 raymond.louie@vancouver.ca
Councillor Geoff Meggs 604.873.7249 geoff.meggs@vancouver.ca
Councillor Andrea Reimer 604.873.7241 andrea.reimer@vancouver.ca
Councillor Tim Stevenson 604.873.7247 tim.stevenson@vancouver.ca
Here they in one list:
General e-mail is: mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca
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