Sunday June 14 last day for survey input on Heart of Davie (which NOW includes Jervis Street)

heart-of-davie-village-project-map, COVAs we have covered earlier, the City is planning changes to the Davie and Bute intersection “to create a plaza that’s an inviting, dynamic space, which celebrates Davie Village and the local LGBTQ community.” Sunday, June 14 is the last day for public input on the survey. The city’s web link: The direct link to the survey is here.

Here is something extra, not widely covered during this consultation. If you carefully review the presentation materials for the Heart of Davie consultation, you will notice that the City has quietly included changes to the Jervis Street area as part of the “Heart of Davie” plaza project. The top left corner above is part of the original presentation.

Now, see page 10 of the new display panel document:

 heart-of-davie-village-Transpo concept

It appears that a full signal is proposed at Jervis and Davie, two way traffic to the lane, and southbound traffic only from the lane to Pendrell.

Did the City throw this in at the last moment to make life more convenient for the Intracorp development recently approved at Jervis and Davie (1177 Jervis Street).

In fact, Jervis Street is outside of the project area as shown on Page 5 of the document.heart-of-davie-village-PROJECT AREA

Here below is an enlarged view of what is now being proposed for Davie and Jervis.

heart-of-davie-village-Transpo concept JERVIS corner

General information on the project, and a link to the survey, is here:

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