July 22 at City Council: New Davie Village plaza to be named in memory of Vancouver LGBT leader Jim Deva

Davie Village Public Space Improvements, June 2015 report coverVancouver City Council will hear from the public on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 regarding “Davie Village Public Space Improvements and Jim Deva’s Commemoration.”

Here is a link to the meeting agenda:


According to the design concept document, the plaza will include expanded patios, weather-protected seating and tables, additional movable seating, overhead strand lighting, new trees and plants, and a “Jim Deva Soapbox,” which the plans describe as a speaker’s corner kiosk.

Davie Village Plaza, Public Space Improvements and Jim Deva’s Commemoration
Staff report: http://former.vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/cclerk/20150722/documents/ptec3.pdf

Georgia Straight article on the City’s conclusions regarding the Bute Street Plaza:


And Planning Department summary:


Article by MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert:

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