1540 Haro Street – DE419183. Development application seeks boost from 27 to 31 units, laneway changes. Public input due TODAY, Mon, Nov 23.

1540 Haro, Google street view FRONT Aug 2015

Front view of 1540 Haro Street in the West End. Credit: Google Street View

A resident just today notified WEN of this development application. Today (Monday, Nov 23) is the stated deadline “to be part of the application’s review,” though you can still write the City until the Development Permit Board meeting (which could also be soon).

1540 Haro Street – DE419183

Comments for the record go to: Vaughan Kopy, Project Coordinator, vaughan.kopy@vancouver.ca, 604.871.6536

The proposal is to create four new dwelling units on the main floor. Total number of units would increase from 27 to 31. Existing open parking at the lane frontage would be enclosed and one might guess that some portion of the parking area would be incorporated into the new dwelling unit area. Parking would decrease to six spaces total for the 31 units.

Because the City posts such marginal information, it is almost impossible to determine what is actually proposed to happen on this site and whether the parking proposed is bylaw compliant.

This is the existing lane (subject building at the right of the photo):

1540 Haro, Google street view Aug 2015

1540 Haro Street, current lane view. Credit: Google Street View

It is interesting that this was one of the blocks used as part of the “Laneway 2.0” toolkit during the consultation on the West End Community Plan (adopted Nov 2014), which was supposed to improve West End lanes. Ironically, based on this application, the so-called “improvement” to the lane will be converting the existing open parking to steel garage doors. This is clearly not the “pedestrian-friendly, landscaped outcome” that was promised to West Enders.

The site appears to be owned by Gordon Nelson:

Given the limited re-development potential for these currently-affordable 1950s walk-up apartment buildings, the City of Vancouver appears to be setting things up so that over and over again the West End will see evictions, reconstruction, and reconfigurations to increase numbers of units by making them smaller, combined with upgrades with higher-end finishes. Watch for higher rents.

This is potentially a perverse outcome of the West End Community Plan. Watch to see what happens with this application’s approval and eventual outcome.

Our story last week showed how the City’s STIR incentive program, originally supposed to produce “affordable” rentals, produced “The Lauren,” a Westbank tower at Comox and Broughton that is now renting at small two-bedroom for $3,500.  Our local government seems to be having difficulties developing policies that produce truly affordable rentals.


Copy of Development Application page.


1540 Haro Street – DE419183

Contact: Vaughan Kopy, Project Coordinator,vaughan.kopy@vancouver.ca, 604.871.6536






PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Development Services Division Development Review Branch


November 9, 2015

Dear Sir and/or Madam:

RE: 1540 Haro Street

Development Application Number DE419183

We have received a Development Application from Stuart Howard Architects to provide interior and exterior alterations and an addition to this existing 27 unit multiple dwelling building, adding 4 dwelling units on the main floor, for a total of 31 dwelling units, by enclosing a portion of the existing parking garage, reducing the on-site parking to 6 spaces, having vehicular access directly off the lane, at the above-noted address.

Under the site’s existing RM-5 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Director of Planning. In reviewing this application, we are seeking your comments on the following aspects:

  • Total overall FSR of 1.90 (16,479.0 square feet).

As a neighbour, we welcome your written comments (letter or e-mail) on the above-noted aspects on, or before November 23, 2015, to be considered as part of the application’s review. Written comments will be accepted from interested parties up to the date of decision. To assist you, a Glossary of key technical terms and a brief explanation of the application process is posted on our website at: vancouver.ca/devapps

In reviewing this application, and before making a decision, the Director of Planning will also need to consider City by-law regulations, and Council-adopted policies and guidelines. Once a full application review is completed, a decision will be made. If you respond to this notification, we will keep you informed by re-notifying you as to the decision. Please enclose your mailing address in your correspondence to ensure that you are included in future notifications regarding the progress of this application.

The submitted plans may be viewed at the Project Co-ordinator’s office, Development and Building Services Centre, 1st Floor at 515 West 10th Avenue, between 8:30 a.m. and

4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Copies of City by-law regulations, policies and guidelines are available at the City’s website at

http://www.vancouver.ca/commsvcs/bylaws/bylawl.htm or at either the Development and


City of Vancouver, Planning and Development Services

Development Services Division, Development Review Branch

453 West 12th Avenue

Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1V4 Canada

tel: 604.873.7611 fax: 604.873.7100

website: vancouver. ca


Building Services Centre (1st Floor, 515 West 10th Avenue) or the Central Public Library (350 West Georgia Street).

Please note that all comments and responses to this notification are subject to, and may be released, pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The Act does, however, protect your privacy by prohibiting disclosure of personal information (such as names, addresses and other identifying information) where such a disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of personal privacy.

Yours truly,


Vaughan Kopy Project Coordinator

vaughan.kopy@vancouver.ca Phone: 604.871.6536




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