Will Urban Design Panel for 21-storey tower at 1750 Pendrell (Wed, Jan 13) address harsh laneway elevation?


1772-1774 or 1750 Pendrell, lane view, UDP docs, 13-Jan-2016

Caption: The West End Community Plan adopted in 2013 was intended to “activate” the neighbourhood’s laneways and make them more comfortable for pedestrians. This image shows how the policy is now being implemented. Imagine the parent and child’s experience here passing concrete walls and ventilation grills.

The Urban Design Panel has 1750 Pendrell Street in Vancouver’s West End on its agenda for January 13, 2016 (Wednesday). (The address for rezoning phases of the process was 1754-1772 Pendrell, but it appears to have been changed to 1750.)

The rezoning on this site for a 21-storey tower for Westbank Projects Corp (architect Henriquez Partners Architects) was approved by City Council on September 15, 2015:

A condition of the rezoning was that the applicant attain a development permit from the city. The design forwarded for the Development Permit application is significantly different than the one presented to the public and considered by City Council as part of the rezoning application. The curved balconies and illuminated “sail” feature on the west facade have been deleted, and the design now proposes rectangular wrap around balconies. The number of rental units in the project has increased from 171 rental units to 173 rental units. The unit mix has changed, with a reduction in 2 bedroom units and an increase in 3 bedroom units, although the lack of floor plans on the City’s website makes it impossible to review the size of the 3 bedroom units proposed.

Notification of the revised proposal was undertaken in December with the postcard at this link:

The UDP is an advisory panel for City Council, and it appears what’s happening is that the UDP is reviewing the changes to the design of the building. A key question for the UDP should be whether the laneway elevation of the building is working to achieve the objectives of the West End Community Plan for safer, more attractive, and more comfortable lane areas in the West End – or is the proposal simply continuing the pattern of past development? The Skyscraper Page industry blog provides some comments on the revised proposal.

Other changes may have been incorporated into the “adjusted design.” We will post more if we can get a further explanation. The UDP meeting is open to the public, but the public can only observe, not speak.

UDP meeting agenda:
2. 4:15 pm Address: 1750 Pendrell Street
DA: DE419775
Description: To develop a 21-storey residential building containing 173 dwelling units, and a one-storey amenity building.
Zoning: RM-5A
Application Status: Complete Development Application
Review: Third (First as Rezoning)
Architect: Henriquez Partners Architects (Peter Wood)
Staff: Sailen Black

The development application page for the current version of the project is located at the following link:


The page states: “This application has been scheduled for the Development Permit Board for February 22, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room (1st Floor, City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue). ” The City of Vancouver advises that you can share comments on the current proposal by letter or e-mail. Comments should have been received on, or before January 8, 2016, to be considered in the staff review. However, comments will be considered up until the date of decision. Comments can be made to: Lisa King, Project Facilitator, lisa.king@vancouver.ca, 604.873.7642

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