Providence Lands (St. Paul’s Hospital) Policy Planning Program: Jan 20 (Wed) at City Council. Speakers invited.

stpauls(Update, with WEN comment at bottom.)

The City has been circulating the following note. We share it here, as it an important matter for the West End. Note that this is not a discussion about whether to move the hospital. (It has already been decided that the location on Burrard Street will close and a new hospital built in False Creek.) This meeting is a part of work the City is doing to plan for the new and old locations. Here is your opportunity to provide input to Mayor and Council.

Providence Lands (St. Paul’s Hospital) Policy Planning Program
The above-noted Policy Report dated January 7, 2016, will be considered by Vancouver City Council at its meeting on:
Wednesday, January 20, 2016
9:30 am
Council Chamber
Third Floor, City Hall
If you wish further information on this matter, please contact Kevin McNaney at 604.871.6851. If you wish further information on the meeting, please call Leslie Tuerlings at 604.873.7015.
You may also communicate your thoughts on the issue to the Mayor and Councillors by emailing and we will ensure Council receives all correspondence before the matter is considered.
For your information, all meetings of Council are webcast and can be viewed at: .The minutes for this meeting can be viewed at: approximately two days following the meeting.
City Clerk’s Office
City of Vancouver


Please note that with it’s Regular Council meeting on January 20, the City is not actually undertaking a planning process for the “old St. Paul’s site” (the current site on Burrard) although that is the piece of the puzzle that is of most interest to WEN. Right now what the City is focusing on is the policy framework around accommodating the new False Creek hospital location.  The City is also participating in the conversation being conducted by Providence Health Care and the Province around how health care services may continue to be provided to the West End. The loss of the medical and health services and employment that St. Paul’s Hospital provided for over a century is a significant loss and disappointment to many people in the West End neighbourhood, which under the new West End Community Plan is set grow by 10,000 people with many new tower developments. WEN hopes that that some medical and health services will remain on the site to serve the community. The real and full discussion about re-development of the current site on Burrard is anticipated to come (presumably) much later.

Additional note by West End Neighbours:

Please also note that this meeting is NOT a discussion about whether to move the hospital. That has been decided already. The focus for West Enders should be on those aspect of the policy recommendations, as noted in the report:

THAT Council direct staff to collaborate with Providence and Vancouver Coastal Health on robust public consultation on the relocation and transformation of St Paul’s Hospital, generally as outlined in the Public Consultation Strategy in Appendix B, with the following objectives:

i. On the current St Paul’s site (“Burrard Street Site”), City staff should participate in the Providence/Vancouver Coastal Health clinical services planning process on health care services required in the West End and across the Downtown area, and report back to Council on consultation outcomes, including any issues that arise related to the future redevelopment of the site. (Note: Providence is not proceeding with redevelopment of the Burrard Street Site at this time)


Excerpt of note from City of Vancouver, West End Planning

The report seeks Council’s approval of a policy planning program for the movement of St Paul’s Hospital from Burrard Street (“Burrard Street Site”) to a state-of-the-art, integrated care and research hospital and health campus in the False Creek Flats (“Station Street Site”).

The planning program will include a robust public consultation on the future of the Station Street Site and related expectations for local health care service delivery in the West End and across the Downtown area.

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