1345 Davie Street to see 18 & 19-storey towers: DPB meeting Dec 12 cancelled, moved to March 20, 2017

1345-davie-vanmap-locationUpdate: This DPB meeting was originally set for December 12, 2016, but was abruptly cancelled and eventually rescheduled for March 20, 2017.

1345 Davie Street is subject to an application to build two new residential towers, 18 and 19 storeys high.

This we have learned from the schedule of the “Development Permit Board” for December 12, 2016. At this moment (Sept 22), only limited information about the application has been made public, and no information about the application is posted on the City’s “Development Applications” web page.

It would replace a four storey rental building built in 1979, and possibly a 1950s 3-storey building next door. The remainder of the block is also being redeveloped with “The Jervis” (condo and non-market rental tower). The location is between Broughton and Jervis on the north side of Davie Street.

This is another outcome of mass rezoning of sections of our community shortly after the West End Community Plan was adopted by City Council in 2013. As we have seen with other major tower developments since then, the application will go straight to the City’s internal DPB. The public may address the DPB, but there is no public hearing, no chance to address elected officials.

Here is information from the DPB listing of upcoming meetings.
Address: 1345 Davie Street
Application no: DP-2016-00373
Applicant: Marcon Project (457) Ltd.
Description: To develop the site with two new 18 and 19-storey residential towers containing 153 market dwelling units [this means condos], with a 3 and 4-storey podium containing 68 social housing units with a total FSR of 6.55, over three levels of below grade parking containing 257 parking spaces accessed from the lane.
Contact: Wendy LeBreton 604.871.6796
DPB date: December 12, 2016

WEN has done a bit of extra research and found this, going back to February 2016…

1345 Davie Street (Berkeley Place – just west of the new “Jervis” building) sold in 2015 for $24 million. There was an “offering for investment interest” (download PDF from British Columbia Securities Commission) from Marcon and McAllister Properties dated December 1, 2015.

The project will also include the rental building at 1180 Broughton Street – corner of Davie and Broughton.  Do people in these two buildings know that they are to be evicted?

It is interesting to from that document see that apparently an “agreement” has already been made with the City of Vancouver regarding the affordable housing units.  How many other “agreements” have been entered into with the City in the West End?

Excerpts of the Development Proposal (from BCSC listing):

The Land is comprised of two adjacent properties located on the northeast corner of Davie Street and Broughton Street in the West End of Vancouver. The site has a frontage on Davie Street of 264 feet and on Broughton Street of 131 feet. The total area is 34,584 square feet and the site slopes downward from east to west.

The property is located in the area designated as “Lower Davie” which connects Denman Village with Davie Village. Under the WECP (West End Community Plan) a new RM-5D zone is applicable to the site, which permits a density of up to 7.0 floor space ratio (“FSR”) and allows market residential housing if social housing is provided. Such density is a “conditional use” and requires a Development Permit application.  The Land is located 3 blocks to the north of Sunset Beach Park on English Bay . English Bay Beach Park and the Denman Street retail area are 4 blocks to the west. Stanley Park is 7 blocks west and 3 blocks to the east is Burrard Street , the primary arterial into downtown Vancouver .

The area has recently proved to be a highly desirable residential location as demonstrated by Alexandra, the successful project completed and sold out by Millennium/Concord on Davie Street at Bidwell. 

The Land is expected to be approved for and developed with two towers of 141 market residential condominiums constructed over a 3 1/2 storey podium, which will contain 68 affordable housing units and an underground parkade. The plan contemplates an overall FSR of 6.56 (gross building area of 227,225 sf).

Under the terms of the agreement with the City of Vancouver , the 68 affordable housing units (23 studios, 11 one-bedrooms and 34 two-bedrooms) will be contained within a separate air space parcel with a separate entrance off Davie Street towards the west end of the site. The housing is intended to be “income tested affordable rental” wherein 30% of the units are limited to 80% of market rents. The affordable housing air space parcel will be owned and managed by the City (or by a designate of the City).

The Land is legally described as Strata Lots 1 – 47, District Lot 185, Plan VAS605 (1345 Davie Street) and Lot 14, Block 37, District Lot 185, Plan VAP92 ( 1180 Broughton Street )


WEN mentioned 1345 Davie in May 2015 …when we protested the City of Vancouver’s failure to provide proper notification to renters about the opportunity to comment on the development application next door.

City Hall’s failure to notify many residents (renters) of new development projects – case in point 1177 (1171) Jervis Street
Excerpt: It does not seem reasonable that the tenants of the directly adjacent “Berkeley Place” building (1345 Davie Street), or the hundreds of other nearby rental apartment units, would have no direct notification of a project that has the potential to significantly affect them.

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