West Enders: Buy resident parking permit now (if you don’t have one) to save hundreds of dollars a year in future

West Enders who do not yet have resident parking permits may wish to make their purchase soon, because NEW parking permits in the West End are expected to cost about $600 per year, whereas renewals (May 2017) are expected to be about $75 for existing permit holders.

This is somewhat speculative, but in the near future and without much warning, City staff are likely to send their recommendations to Vancouver City Council to adopt their proposals to “improve” parking in the West End.

If you (or friends or family members) may need street parking in future, you can buy a West End Parking Permit online here (see conditions for eligibility):

If you purchase the permit now, the pricing is “pro-rated” to the end of May 2017, so it works out to about $42 for the remaining portion of the permit lifespan. You will need your ICBC documentation to complete the online renewal.

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