West End Parking Strategy, 400% price hike: In City Council Feb 8 (Wed)


Nine recommendations by City staff, as of summer 2016

As reported previously by West End Neighbours, the City of Vancouver was consulting the public in 2015 and 2016 on a “West End Parking Strategy.” The final step is now here, with staff recommendations set to be presented at the February 8, 2017 (Wednesday, starting 9:30 a.m.) standing committee meeting of City Council.

One proposal by staff is to boost the annual parking permit fee for residents to $360 per year. This is down from the previous proposal to charge $600 per year. On other points, how well have staff incorporated public input?


If Council approves the recommendations, implementation will start in 2017. Concerned citizens may write or speak to Council. If you are concerned, you can attend in person. You can also observe the discussion by live or archived web video.

See the meeting agenda here, or download the staff report/recommendations here:

Below is some extra information compiled by WEN. (We have not yet done a detailed analysis of the current/final proposal by staff.)

Parking wars: 400% price hike proposed for new West End street parkers: Increase from $72 per year to $360 per year intended to help cut street parking gridlock (by Karin Larsen, CBC News, 01-Feb-2017. Excerpt: Next week, a report will go before council outlining a number of recommendations to help curb the problem, including raising the permit rate 400 per cent, from $72 per year to $360 per year for people wanting to buy a permit for the first time. Those with existing permits will only see small increases.

Council to discuss proposed price increase for West End parking permits (by Stephanie Ip, The Province, January 31, 2017). Excerpt: Among the report’s suggested strategies on managing parking in the West End — where there are 6,000 residential permits issued for only 2,700 on-street parking spots — is to raise the price of a permit. Currently, the city charges $77.90 for an annual parking pass in the West End permit zone which, along with Robson North, is the highest rate for any residential parking zone in the city. The staff report, which was made public Wednesday, suggests raising the rate for West End parking passes to $360 a year in order to match market rates for off-street parking. It’s estimated raising the price of parking permits could result in an additional $300,000 to $500,000 annually in a few years. However, existing permit holders would be exempt from the market-based rate, though annual adjustments would be made to account for inflation, as per the proposal.

Reminder from WEN website post (November 24, 2016): West Enders who do not yet have resident parking permits may wish to make their purchase soon, because NEW parking permits in the West End are expected to cost about $600 per year [note, it turns out the staff proposal is for $360/year], whereas renewals (May 2017) are expected to be about $75 for existing permit holders. This is somewhat speculative, but in the near future and without much warning, City staff are likely to send their recommendations to Vancouver City Council to adopt their proposals to “improve” parking in the West End.

WEN notes that the permit price is down from the previously-proposed $600 a year to “only” $360 per year. Excerpt from staff report (25 pages, dated Jan 6, 2017): The proposed rate for new permit holders has been reduced from $50 to $30 per month based on a more complete pricing model. The model examined various cost factors associated with on-street parking including time spent searching, vehicle operating costs, and varying prices of permits.
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