1345 Davie Street (plus 1385 Davie/1180 Broughton): Development Permit Board, March 20 (Mon) – Demolition of existing rental housing, construction of 18 and 19 storeys (DP-2016-00373)


The City of Vancouver’s Development Permit Board (internal 4-person decision-making body: Andrea Law, Gil Kelley, Jerry Dobrovolny, and Paul Mochrie) will review and approve a proposal for two towers (18 and 19 storeys)  at 1345 Davie Street (project includes 1385 Davie/1180 Broughton). The existing 68 rental units on the site are proposed to be replaced with 68 social housing units which will be deeded to the City. The project involves demolition of both buildings currently on these sites and occupied by renters. See below regarding Tenant Relocation Plan. A reporter has reached out seeking current or previous renters in these buildings. If you are interested in being connected, please write info@westendneighbours.ca.

The meeting is open to the public, and citizens may attend to speak to the DPB.

DATE: Monday, March 20, 2017
TIME: 3:00 p.m.
PLACE: Town Hall Meeting Room, Vancouver City Hall

Development Permit Board agenda (see March 20, 2017), and links to three detailed staff reports, including their responses to public feedback received:

More documents related to the application:

Along with large tracts of the neighbourhood, development of this type was “pre-zoned” with the adoption of the West End Community plan (Nov 2013) and related zoning bylaw (Jan 2014). That’s why this goes straight to the DPB, with no Public Hearing or consideration by City Council.

1345 Davie is technically a strata building (Strata VAS605) but we believe that it has always been operated as rental building since it was built. (The assessed value of each individual unit is published by BC Assessment.) Meanwhile, 1385 Davie/1180 Broughton is currently a rental building. Both are slated for demolition.

The proposal includes:

• 153 market residential [this would mean strata condos] and 68 social housing units
• Building heights of approximately 53 m and 48 m
• Gross floor area of 21,584 m2
• 4 levels of underground parking (257 spaces) accessed from rear lane.

1345 Davie application DP-2016-00373 App view height

Some special designing was needed to avoid intruding into View Cone 20.

Applicant: Marcon Project (457) Ltd.
Property Owner: Marcon Davie (GP) Ltd.
Request: To develop the site with an 18 and 19 storey multiple dwelling building containing 221 dwelling units (153 Market / 68 Social Housing) all over four levels of underground parking, having vehicular access from the lane.
Staff: Patrick O’Sullivan
Project Architect: Henriquez Partners Architects

Under the site’s existing RM-5D zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted, by decision of the DPB.

According to Section A.1.38 of the Nov 9, 2016, staff report, the owner is prohibited from issuing any “Notices to End Tenancies” until all required permits are “issuable.”


The 34-page the staff report (16-Nov-2017) to the DPB is filled with information. For example, see sections A.1.35 to A.1.38 relating to the Tenant relocation conditions, and A.1.39 regarding social housing conditions.

A.1.35 provision of a Tenant Relocation Plan as per Section 2.1 of the Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy;

A.1.36 provision of a notarized declaration to be submitted prior to issuance of a development permit which demonstrates that each tenant has been given written notice of the intent to redevelop the property; that indicates the number of units occupied on the date of the notice; includes information on posting of notice regarding the intent to redevelop as per Section 6.1(c); and includes copies of a letter addressed to each tenant summarizing the Tenant Relocation Plan offer and signed as received by each tenant;

A.1.37 provision of a summary of former tenants’ expressions of interest to exercise their right of first refusal to move back into the new building and a summary of their housing needs to the satisfaction of the General Manager of Community Services as per Section 2.1(e) of the Tenant

Relocation and Protection Policy

A.1.38 provision of a final Tenant Relocation Report to be submitted prior to issuance of the occupancy permit which outlines the names of tenants; indicates the outcome of their search for alternate accommodation; summarizes the total monetary value given to each tenant (moving costs, rent, any other compensation); and includes a summary of all communication provided to the tenants;

Note to applicant: As per Section 10.12.2 of the Zoning and Development Bylaw pertaining to developments resulting in the demolition of existing residential rental accommodation, the development permit is not issuable until all building permits for the new development and a building permit for the demolition are issuable. Please do not issue any Notices to End Tenancies until all permits described above are issuable.


Past coverage by West End Neighbours includes information about the origins of this project.

1345 Davie Street to see 18 & 19-storey towers: DPB meeting Dec 12 cancelled, moved to March 20, 2017

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