1488 Robson Street – DP-2016-00376: 31-storey and 32-storey towers go to DPB on June 12



Image from Changing City Book as of 23-Sept-2016

Big Changes are “in store” along Robson Street, all enabled by the West End Community Plan.

Across the street from a 21-storey tower proposed at 1500 Robson, these two depicted here are proposed for 1488 Robson Street (also sometimes referred to as 1400 Robson), the current site of the Empire Landmark Building, which is set for demolition.

Approval is set for the Development Permit Board on June 12, 2017. It appears the height has been reduced for the DPB review. Note that due to the 2013 West End Community Plan and subsequent “pre-zoning,” there is no public hearing on this tower. It goes straight to the DPB.


1488 Robson Street
MCM Partnership
To develop the site with 28 and 30 storey residential towers, over a 3-4 storey podium and including retail at grade and offices on the 2nd level (fronting Robson St); and 3 – 7 levels of social housing units, all over 3 & 4 level parkade accessed off of the rear lane. Also includes a 10% heritage density transfer.
Lisa King 604.873.7642 June 12, 2017


Note from Urban Design Panel meeting of March 8, 2017.


Here is one just up the street at 1400 Robson Street.

Development Permit No. DP-2016-00376
Description: To construct a mixed-use building with a 31-storey and a 32-storey tower,
over a three and four-storey podium with retail use on the ground floor,
office uses on the second and third floors, and residential above (300
dwelling units, including 63 social housing units and 237 market units) over
three levels of underground parking accessed from the lane with a building
height of 299.5 ft. and a floor area of 394,287 sq. ft.



Text of the Development Application web page, as of 3-May-2017


1488 Robson Street – DP-2016-00376 – Revised submission dated     February 28, 2017

Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership has submitted a revised application to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop this site with a 31 and 32 storey mixed-use building. The proposal includes the following:

• 300 dwelling units (63 social housing units /237 market units);
• retail use on the ground and office use on the second and third floors;
• 394,287 sq. ft. of floor area;
• building height of 299.5 ft.; and
• three levels of underground parking accessed fromthe lane.

Under the site’s existing C-6 zoning, the application is “conditional” so it may be permitted; however, it requires the decision of the Development Permit Board.

This application has been rescheduled for the Development Permit Board on June 12, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room (1st Floor, City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue).

To assist you, a brief explanation of the Development Permit Board process is posted on our website at: http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/development-permit-board.aspx.  You or your representative may attend the meeting and, upon request, will be accorded the opportunity to address the Board.

We welcome your written comments (letter or e-mail) on this development application. Comments should be received on, or before April 7, 2017, to be considered in the staff review. However, written comments will be considered up until the date of decision.

Revised Application (February 28, 2017)

Original Application (September 26, 2016)

Contact: Lisa King, Project Facilitator, lisa.king@vancouver.ca, 604.873.7642

To assist you, a Glossary of key technical terms and a brief explanation of the application process is posted on our website at: vancouver.ca/devapps

In reviewing this application, and before making a decision, the Development Permit Board will also need to consider City by-law regulations, and Council-adopted policies and guidelines. Once a full application review is completed, a decision will be made. If you respond to this notification, we will keep you informed by re-notifying you as to the decision.

The submitted plans may be viewed at the Project Facilitator’s office, Development and Building Services Centre, 1st Floor at 515 West 10th Avenue between 8:30a.m. and 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday. Copies of City by-law regulations, policies and guidelines are available at the City’s website at http://www.vancouver.ca/commsvcs/bylaws/bylaw1.htm or at either the Development and Building Services Centre (1st Floor, 515 West 10th Avenue) or the Central Public Library (350 West Georgia Street).

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