New rezoning proposal for 32 storey tower 1055 Harwood Street (at over 10 FSR): Open House June 26 (Mon)


32-storey tower proposed for 1055 Harwood. Image from

A new rezoning proposal has been published for a 32 storey tower at just over 10 FSR on the site at 1055 Harwood Street.


Public comments can be provided by online feedback form.

Community open house
Monday, June 26, 2017, from 5 to 7 pm
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites (1110 Howe Street), Columbia Room, Mezzanine Level

According to, the West End Community Plan made this possible. A 32 storey tower designed by NSDA would replace a 28 unit co-op, which was sold last year and is now to be redeveloped by Strand Developments with Intracorp. The proposal has 82 market units, all 2-bedroom or larger, and 25% of the space as social housing (for 44 units in total, with 24 two or three bed family units).

Building height would be 300 feet, and the density proposed is 10.35 FSR.

The RM-5A zoned site was redesignated under the West End Community Plan, adopted in 2014. The site was acquired in August 2016 for $40.5 Million. Did the community plan unleash a frenzy of speculation and escalating land prices with the promise of taller buildings and higher density? How is the community plan doing with its core promise and selling point of delivering “deeper affordability”?

The full information about the rezoning is here on the City’s website.

Note that under the City’s Orwellian definition of “social housing” only one-third of the proposed units are required to be rented at “housing allowance rates” which allow household incomes of up to $50,000 or so for a two bedroom unit. The remainder can be market-priced rentals.

It is interesting to see the contrast between the sizes of the “social housing” units on the lower floor, and the luxury condos up above:

The elevators for the luxury condos extend through the social housing component of the building, but there is no access to the elevators from these floors.

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