Seven proposals for 40+ storey towers within 2-3 blocks along Alberni-Georgia corridor (“thanks” to West End Community Plan)

A recent count found a total of SEVEN proposals for 40+ storey towers within a 2-3 block area along the Alberni-Georgia corridor in the West End. There may be others to add to the list.

  • 1668-1684 Alberni
  • 1550 Alberni
  • 1500 West Georgia
  • 1445-1455 West Georgia
  • 1444 Alberni & 740 Nicola (2 towers)
  • 1640-1650 Alberni

Here are others nearby in the 20 to 30 storey range.

  • 1575 West Georgia/620 Cardero (26 storeys)

Development applications at various stages of the application and approval process:

  • 1488 Robson (two 30 storey towers)
  • 1500 Robson (21 storeys)

And furthermore…

1444 Alberni Street and 740 Nicola Street
Prezoning Open House before submission of application to the City of Vancouver
Wednesday, June 7, 2017, from 5 to 7 pm
Two towers of 43 & 48 storeys with approximately 491 homes
On site childcare a new park parking, and improvements to the public realm
Approx 358 strata units 133 market rental residential
A mix of townhomes and family size units (2+ bedrooms)

Robsonstrasse Hotel at 1394 Robson Street, on the corner of Broughton.
This hotel is now CLOSED. It has fencing around it but no signage yet.

There are now many closed store fronts on Robson and Denman. Turnover has always been high here, but now more than before. Have taxes and rents gone up while customers go down?


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