Happy New Year 2018 from West End Neighbours!


West End kayak Christopher Hughes 2011Happy New Year!

Vancouver City Council adopted the current West End Community Plan in November 2013, so in 2018 we will mark the milestone of five years since the plan was adopted. The WECP has triggered some dramatic changes in the community, including  pace of demolition and construction that has even surprised our city planners.

The City does not have a systematic process for tracking, evaluating, and reporting on implementation of the WECP and delivery of promised benefits. During the coming year, West End Neighbours will report on proposals and decisions affecting the neighbourhood, put together information on the ongoing changes, and provide residents with information and suggestions on how to get local voices heard at City Hall.

WEN started reporting on issues back in 2010, so this site is a good archive of things over the past eight years. We will do our best to keep the stories coming. We welcome input, information and tips, suggestions for stories, and donations to cover our costs.

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