Happy New Year 2019 from West End Neighbours: Looking back at the WECP and looking ahead to the future

West End view WEN 1-Jan-2019

Panoramic view of West End from Kits Point, January 1, 2019. Credit: West End Neighbours

Best wishes to all from West End Neighbours for a wonderful 2019.

WEN first started posting articles in July 2010, so this year marks our tenth year. The West End Community Plan (WECP) was adopted by City Council in November 2013, so it has just passed the five-year mark.

This coming year of 2019, it is time for a review of the results of the WECP, and to look forward to the future. The community has been subject to a great deal of change over the last five years, with quite a lot more expected over the coming years.  The West End deserves a review of how the community plan has been working, what the impacts have been, and how things might be improved moving forward.

WEN was created with this mission: To enhance and celebrate the quality of life, the distinct, diverse character and the heritage of the West End, a livable neighbourhood between downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park. We accomplish this by influencing policy decisions and ensuring change is based on evolving community needs, is neighbourly and respectful and reflects relevant and timely engagement with residents.

We look forward to working with interested citizens and groups in the coming months to review the WECP and look ahead as City Hall now begins a citywide plan.

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